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Joint Pain

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Joint Pain

Your joints play a major role in your body’s mobility, helping you walk and run, raise your arm, and type on the computer. Unfortunately, this mobility also makes your joints vulnerable to injury and pain. Joint pain can develop from many causes and should be evaluated to prevent further joint damage. At Elite Medical Center in Lyman, South Carolina, the medical experts take an integrative and alternative approach to joint pain and offer innovative treatments focused on healing. For relief from your joint pain, contact the office today by phone or online.

Joint Pain Q & A

Joint pain is a general term that refers to any discomfort you feel at one or more of your joints. Your joints form the connection between two or more bones. Though some joints are fixed (skull joints), most of the joints in your body are mobile thanks to the various components that make up these joints, including cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and muscle.

Your joint pain may develop from any injury or disease that affects one or more of the components in your joint. The pain may be dull or sharp and may affect your use of the joint.

If your joint pain is severe, affecting your mobility, or the pain is chronic, contact Elite Medical Center to schedule an evaluation. No matter the cause, delaying treatment may worsen the condition.

Joint pain can develop from many causes. Some of the most common include:

- Osteoarthritis
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Bursitis
- Fibromyalgia
- Broken bone
- Tendinitis
- Sprain or strain
- Ligament tear
- Tendon tear

Arthritis is one of the most common causes of joint pain and often develops from degenerative changes that affect the components in your joint or an underlying health condition. You can also develop joint pain after a sports injury, auto accident, or work injury.

The medical experts at Elite Medical Center conduct comprehensive evaluations to determine the underlying cause of your joint pain, so you get the right diagnosis. During your evaluation, the team reviews your symptoms and onset of pain, as well as your medical and family history.

The team then conducts a physical exam, paying close attention to the joint responsible for your pain symptoms. To confirm or rule out a diagnosis, you may need diagnostic testing, such as an X-ray or an ultrasound. Elite Medical Center is a full-service facility and offers in-house digital X-rays and ultrasound testing.

The team at Elite Medical Center takes an integrative approach to the treatment of your joint pain. The specifics of your treatment plan may depend on the joint affected, your diagnosis, and your overall health. Your treatment plan may include:

- Chiropractic care
- Physical therapy
- Ultrasound therapy
- Anti-inflammatory medication
- Activity modification
- Elite Medical Center also offers regenerative medicine and platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which may be recommended as a treatment option for your joint pain to assist with the healing process if conservative measures fail to improve your symptoms.

For comprehensive management of your joint pain, call Elite Medical Center or request an appointment online today.