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Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is the third most common kind of musculoskeletal pain affecting Americans today. Whether your shoulder pain happens because of wear-and-tear over time or a sudden injury, it’s often frustrating, inconvenient, and even disabling if you don’t get help. The integrative medicine specialists at Elite Medical Center in Lyman, South Carolina, understand how damaging shoulder pain can be, and that’s why they’re dedicated to cutting-edge multidisciplinary care. You can heal and beat shoulder pain without invasive treatments or surgery. Just reach out by phone or through online booking now.

Shoulder Pain Q & A

Shoulder pain can come from several sources, including:

- Arthritis: joint degeneration
- Tendinitis: inflammation in a tendon
- Bursitis: inflammation in the cushioning pads in your shoulder
- Adhesive capsulitis: very limited shoulder movement, also called frozen shoulder
- Shoulder impingement: a tendon or bursa that catches on your shoulder blade
- Rotator cuff tear: a tear in the muscle or tendons that keep your shoulder in place
- Fracture: crack or break in a shoulder bone

There are also many other potential reasons for shoulder pain, including overuse and sports injuries.

When you're dealing with shoulder pain, it's often not your only problem. Many shoulder pain sufferers also struggle with severely limited range-of-motion, which can mean difficulty performing even simple everyday tasks like brushing your hair or getting dressed.

Even if you don't suffer from decreased range-of-motion, your shoulder often feels stiff when you have shoulder pain. You may also have other shoulder issues such as:

- Swelling
- Numbness
- Tingling
- Weakness

With all the problems that tend to go along with shoulder pain, there’s no doubt that it’s a serious problem that needs a prompt solution. If you’re dealing with shoulder pain and its accompanying symptoms, it’s best to seek treatment at Elite Medical Center sooner rather than later. Trying to live with shoulder pain could severely aggravate the problem.

The best way to stop shoulder pain is dealing with its underlying cause. The Elite Medical Center team examines your shoulder, reviews your medical history, and observes your shoulder movement as well as uses advanced diagnostics like the on-site ultrasound and digital X-ray machine to determine the cause of your shoulder pain.

Then, Elite Medical Center customizes a shoulder pain treatment plan for you. With the multidisciplinary approach, you get both healing and pain relief without suffering through surgery. Some of your treatments may include:

- Ultrasound therapy
- Chiropractic care
- Anti-inflammatory (oral) medication
- Physical therapy
- Lifestyle changes

If you’re still suffering from shoulder pain after trying conservative treatments, regenerative medicine treatment such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy could help drastically reduce your suffering and get you back to full range-of-motion.

Learn more about how Elite Medical Center can solve your shoulder pain dilemma by booking your consultation online or by phone now.